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What type of personality are you?

There are lots of ways specialist try to measure personality. One of the best known involves trying to match people with one or other of 16 personality types. This is in line with research by three pioneers in this field: Carl Jung, Isabel Meyers Briggs and her mother Katharine C. Briggs.

In this section we're going to have a look at what those types are, and you can decide which you think might best describe you. It's all based on the theory that everyone has dominant style of behaviour within four categories.
These are:

1. Where our energy comes from
2. How we take in information
3. How we like to make decisions
4. The basic lifestyle we prefer

Taking each in turn, the theory is that we tent toward either:
1. Extraversion or Introversion
2. Sensing of Intuitive
3. Thinking or Feeling
4. Judging or Perceiving

Don't worry if you don’t understand what these mean- their meanings should become clear as you read on.
As you can see, an initial stands for each tendency, and what you will end up with is a four-letter description about yourself. So, what are the four categories, and which do you think might apply to you? Just for fun, let's start to find out.

1. Where does your energy come from?

We are all two-faced. One of our faces looks out to other people, activities and things. That’s our extraverted face. The other looks inside to our thoughts, interests and imagination – the introverted face. Most of us get our energy from one more than the other. Have a look at each column and see which you think most apply to you. Remember there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answers.

Extraversion Introversion
I am motivated by new people, variety and change I prefer individual relationships and stability
I don’t like being out of touch with friends and activity I need time alone – the outside world can intrude on my thought
I often act first, and think later I consider before acting

Which best describes you?

Extravert (E)
Introvert (I)

2. How do you take in information?

Some people seem to rely most on sensing – that is, using their eyes, ears and noses to make sense of what is going on in the here and now. Intuitives prefer to interpret and understand what is going on around them and see it as part of a bigger pattern. They often speculate on what might happen in the future, based on what they already learnt.

Sensing Intuitive
I automatically find practical common-sense solutions I prefer to use my imagination to try to do things differently
I dislike guessing and prefer hard facts I’m happy to guess or come up with theories
My mind is focused on the present My mind is on what might happen in the future
I have instant recall of details of past events I am better at remembering patterns and connections

Which best describes you?

Sensing (S)
Intuitive (N)

3. How do you like to make decisions?

Do you tend to judge thing in a logical, detached way, deducing the answer using the thinking side of your brain? Alternatively, do you rely more on feeling – making your decisions more subjectively, taking account of your personal values and the impact of you decision on others?

Thinking Feeling
I concentrate on work tasks and goals I give priority to the needs of others
I can solve problems objectively and dispassionately I try to get everyone to agree wherever possible
I accept conflict as part of relationship I don’t like rows and disharmony

Which best describes you?

Thinking (T)
Feeling (F)

4. How do you like to live your daily life?

Do your like you day to be organized and structured? Judging types like to be prepared – they plan project and work through then until they are finished. Perceiving people are more casual, preferring to take things more flexibly as they come.

Judging Perceiving
I work logically in planned stages I start immediately and plan as I go along
I avoid stress by anticipating deadlines I work best under pressure and close deadlines
I set targets and routines I resist any commitments that interfere with flexibility

Which best describes you?

Judging (J)
Perceiving (P)


From this test, I would best describe myself as:

Please read on to see what kind of personality you are and what jobs suit your personality type best.

The 16 personality types

Remember this is not an exact science, and no particular combination is right or wrong. But to keep you thinking, overleaf are some typical features of each personality type. See how well you feel the description against your letter combination applies to you. After each description, you will also find a selection of jobs and career fields to which people in this group are often attracted. Don’t worry if you don’t fancy any of the jobs and employment fields in the list that follows your letter combination – it’s only there to give you some ideas.


Introvert, Sensor, Thinker, Perceiver

ISTPs tend to be logical, independent, objective and flexible. They are cool onlookers who can act quickly to find workable solutions when problems arise. They like the challenge of sifting through large amounts of information. ISTPs work in a wide variety of fields, including the public services and engineering. They usually make good technicians and mechanics.
Famous ISTP: Clint Eastwood Jobs and career fields popular with ISTPs:

  • emergency phone operator
  • police and detection
  • software developer
  • information services
  • medical technician
  • commercial artist
  • fire services
  • sports therapy
  • pharmacist
  • animal trainer
  • pilot, aircrew

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Introvert, Sensor, Thinker, Judger

ISTJs are precise, quiet, realistic, honest and careful. They decide what needs to be done and work towards their goals without being put off. They are dependable and don’t always change. They tend to keep their feeling to themselves unless asked – at which point, however, they tend not to mince their words:
Famous ISTJ: C.S. Lewis

Jobs and career fields popular with ISTJs:

  • business management
  • accountancy
  • dentistry
  • teaching
  • meteorology
  • estate agency
  • construction
  • building inspection
  • information officer
  • credit analysis
  • doctor
  • medial researcher

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Extravert, Sensor, Thinker, Perceiver

ESTPs tend to be practical, adventurous, talkative and fun-loving. They prefer to act energetically to solve problems, and are bored by long explanations. They are friendly and well liked. ESTPs have a natural desire to beat the competition, and can be highly successful at selling
Famous ESTP: Jack Nicholson

Jobs and career fields popular with ESTPs:

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Extravert, Sensor, Thinker, Judger

ESTJs ensure things get done – they are usually energetic, outspoken, friendly and productive. They are efficient organizers and like to create order. They often have traditional views and are opinionated and honest. ESTJs enjoy getting together with like-minded people and feeling they belong in the group.
Famous ESTJ: Margaret Thatcher

Jobs and career fields popular with ESTJs:

  • Business and management
  • Military and police
  • Information and press officer
  • Sports salesperson
  • Estate agent
  • Finance analyst
  • Health care administration
  • Database manager
  • Lawyer
  • Pharmacist
  • Insurance agent
  • Teacher
  • Property manager

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Introvert, Sensor, Feeler, Judger

ISFJs are dependable, conscientious, organized and decisive. They are cautious and gentle, and work tirelessly for others. They prefer a stable, predictable environment. They do like to feel they are needed, and sometimes find it hard to delegate in case others don’t do the job properly.
Famous ISFJ: Mother Theresa of Calcutta

Jobs and career fields popular with ISFJs:

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Introvert, Sensor, Feeler, Perceiver

ISFP types are friendly, down to earth, kind, thoughtful and faithful. They have a quiet sense of humour and might prefer to follow rather than lead. They tend to be modest about their own abilities, avoid arguments and like to work in their own time in their own space. They are often attracted to jobs involving serving others
Famous ISFP: Paul McCartney

Jobs and career fields popular with ISFPs:

  • doctor, nurse
  • occupational therapist
  • designer
  • holistic and other therapist
  • customer service
  • fashion industry
  • chef
  • legal worker
  • surveyor
  • dental hygienist
  • travel agent, tour operator
  • medical assistant
  • alcohol and drug counsellor

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Extravert, Sensor, Feeler, Perceiver

ESFPs tend to be playful, curious, talkative and even impulsive. They are good company and love to meet new people and go to new places. They are also good at helping others adapt to new situations. They have common sense and are realistic. Occupations for this group are often service related, but also include performance.
Famous ESFP: Elvis Presley

Jobs and career fields popular with ESFPs:

  • dental assistant
  • therapist
  • health worker
  • social worker
  • public relations specialist
  • radiology technician
  • occupations therapist
  • travel agent
  • tour operator
  • promoter
  • actor
  • performer
  • vet
  • event coordinator
  • marine biologist
  • store salesperson

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Extravert, Sensor, Feeler, Judger

ESFJs like to put others at ease and tend to be friendly, talkative and always on the go. They are good at identifying problems, and they work and plat energetically. They can get upset or wounded at times, but make natural hosts, paying attention to the smallest details to make people feel welcome.
Famous ESFJ: Julia Roberts

Jobs and career fields popular with ESFJs:

  • estate agent
  • personal trainer and therapist
  • vet
  • special education teacher
  • show owner, buyer
  • personnel and welfare
  • nurse
  • home health worker
  • athletic coach
  • hotel manager
  • travel agent

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Introvert, intuitive, Feeler, Judger

INFJs are usually reserved and polite- independent, thoughtful people who bring an individual flair to their work, usually with a clear personal vision of what is best. They are productive and original and seek meaning in ideas and relationships. They like to champion people who need help, but choose their friends carefully.
Famous INFJ: Oprah Winfrey

Jobs and career fields popular with INFJs:

  • alcohol and drugs adviser
  • health practitioner
  • speech and language specialist
  • researcher
  • lawyer
  • website editor
  • writer and artist
  • mediator and conflict-resolution specialist
  • charity worker
  • specialized teacher
  • architect

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Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, Perceiver

INFPs are quiet, kind and sensitive. They are curious, original and quick to see possibilities and the good in others. They take a lot on but usually get it done – putting a personal stamp on all they do. Doing good deeds gives them quiet satisfactions.
Famous INFP: Lisa Kudrow

Jobs and career fields popular with INFPs:

  • therapist
  • researcher
  • editor
  • writer
  • translator
  • interpreter
  • lawyer and mediator
  • business trainer
  • actor
  • entertainer
  • university professor
  • social worker
  • librarian
  • fashion designer
  • website editor
  • art director

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Extravert, Intuitive, Feeler, Perceiver

ENFPs are outward-looking, friendly and talkative, and have the ability to inspire others. Their enthusiasm can be infectious and they never tire of coming up with new ways of doing things. They sometime benefit form encouragement, but are adaptable, with good people skills, which they often use to help others.
Famous ENFP: Robin Williams

Jobs and career fields popular with ENFPs:

  • management consultant and trainer
  • educational software developer
  • actor
  • performer, entertainer
  • journalist
  • graphics designer
  • advertising and art direction
  • housing director
  • psychologist
  • inventor
  • IT trainer and consultant
  • Child welfare worker

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Extravert, Intuitive, Feeler, Judger

ENFJs tend to be friendly, sensible and organized. They are decisive and form strong opinions. They are great persuaders, communicate well and are tuned in to other people’s needs and emotions. They are productive and love to help others. ENFJs are attracted to career in the caring professions.
Famous ENFJ: Martin Luther King

Jobs and career fields popular with ENFJs:

  • advertising account executive
  • therapist and holistic practitioner
  • counsellor
  • business trainer
  • foreign-language teacher
  • humanities lecturer
  • fundraiser
  • TV producer
  • Marketing executive
  • Writer, journalist
  • Social worker

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Introvert, intuitive, Thinker, Judger

INTJs often like to work on their own, working up plans and coming up with theories and then testing them in real life. They are organized and have good long-range vision. They are self-confident, with a tireless ability to keep improving things, but without letting their imagination override their reliability. INTJs also have a smattering of disregard for authority.
Famous INTJ: Jane Austen

Jobs and career fields popular with INTJs:

  • lawyer
  • design engineer
  • medical researcher
  • IT network developer
  • Software developer
  • Psychiatrist
  • Cardiologist
  • Writer
  • Inventor
  • Media planner
  • Finance specialist
  • Business specialist
  • Webmaster
  • Architect

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Introvert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver

INTPs are quiet non-conformists who are open to new ideas. They are interested in understanding thinks through exploring and analyzing how the world works. They are analytical, thoughtful, detached and easy-going, though they are not usually party animals. Jobs veer towards the creative, the mathematical and working in the built environment.
Famous INTP: Albert Einstein

Jobs and career fields popular with INTPs:

  • photographer
  • internet entrepreneur / designer
  • architecture and design
  • business strategist
  • manager
  • writer and artist
  • editor
  • entertainer
  • lawyer
  • surveyor
  • computer programmer

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Extravert, Intuitive, Thinker, Perceiver

ENTPs bring enthusiasm and imagination to new projects and are generally friendly, outgoing, humorous and unpredictable. They like change and dislike routine. They enjoy debating issues and are good in reading others – a skill they often employ in their choices of jobs.
Famous ENTP: Oscar Wilde

Jobs and career fields popular with ENTPs:

  • Marketing executive
  • Design engineer
  • Writer
  • Artist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Banker and venture capitalist
  • Business consultant
  • Advertising director, copywriter
  • Radio / TV presenter
  • Political manager
  • Property developer
  • Actor

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Extravert, Intuitive, Thinker, Judger

ENTJs are logical and friendly but strong-willed and often outspoken. They make demands on themselves and others, and are natural leasers with long-range vision. They like debate and discussion, and enjoy adding to their store of knowledge.
Famous ENTJ: Bill Gates

Jobs and career fields popular with ENTJs:

  • management consultant
  • politician
  • activist
  • business owner
  • lawyer
  • financial adviser
  • property developer
  • marketing executive
  • economic analyst
  • chemical engineer
  • educational consultant
  • doctor
  • computer specialist

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