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Time to get organized!

Changing your personality might not be possible or, more to the point, desirable. But there is one thing you can brush up on that really will help as you choose options and think about your career. So brace yourself – it’s time to get organized.

Sorry to nag, but you’re not going to get far if you can’t keep track of the information and ideas you’ll be working on. Nothing to do with how you are going to pay your way in life will be sorted out overnight – unless you win the lottery. And even that’s no good if you’ve lost the ticket.
You might already be one of those people who has everything organized and in the right place – so you can lay your hands on names, places and phone numbers at a moment’s notice. It’s a habit worth getting into – not the pursuit of super-tidiness, just a little personal order, which will save you lots of time in the end. Like it or not, organization is a vital skill for life.
To find out where you stand on the organizational front, it’s time to face the test. Answer the questions overleaf and then add your score to find our how organized you are. Be honest – no point deluding yourself!

Question 1: It’s weekend and you’ve got loads coursework to do. Do you:
a. Write a list of what you’ve got to do and tick each piece of work off as you finish it.
b. Discover you’ve left most of your textbooks you need at university.>
c. Do it on Monday morning on the bus
Question 2: Imagine you’re going out with some friends for a pizza and then to see a film. Do you:
a. Suggest that you split the pizza bill equally, regardless of that everyone ate.
b. Remember to take the vouchers you have so you get a discount on the pizza
c. Remember to take the vouchers you have so you get a discount on the pizza
Question 3: It’s your friend’s birthday and he/she has been given an electronic organizer as a present. Do you think:
a. that’s the most boring present in the world
b. your diary is just as good
c. you fancy getting one yourself
Question 4: You have got an hour left before a big date. Are you:
a. Playing it cool – you intend to arrive ‘fashionably late’ to show you’re not to over keen
b. Still watching TV and haven’t had a shower yet.
c. Twiddling your thumb and feeling nervous, having arranged a lift into town.
Question 5: Which of these things is someone most likely to say about you?
a. ‘it’s amazing you can ever find anything in your room.’
b. ‘I know I can always rely on you.’
c. ‘If you had a brain cell it would be lonely.’
Question 6: You have a geography project to hand on next week. How do you feel about it?
a. What geography project?
b. No problem – just got something to print off the computer
c. Have started the research, but it’s a bit of a rush job.
Question 7: It’s a maths lesson and you need a compass and protractor in class.
a. You always have the right equipment in your pencil case
b. Although you had a new maths set for Christmas you keep forgetting to bring it to school
c. What’s a protractor?
Question 8: You are put in pairs to work on a project. So you:
a. Forget about it and let your partner do the work.
b. Suggest when to meet up to work on the project together.
c. Email some ideas to your partner and then phone up to see what they think.
Question 9: Each day you have different work and subjects to study at university. Do you:
a. Pack your bag the night before so you don’t forget anything in the morning
b. Get you stuff together you get up.
c. Often find you’ve brought the wrong books
Questions 10: You need ID to get info university. Do you:
a. Occasionally have to go home because you’ve forgotten yours.
b. Frequently scrabble in you pocket or handbag but usually find it.
c. Think not having you ID is for wimps and you’ve always got yours.

Your total score is:

Score 0-40

Hmmm… you’re so laid back you nearly fall over. You need to get more organized or else you will miss out on things – both at university and in your social life.

Score 41-70

Not bad. You’re organized enough to get through you day smoothly, but you don’t let it stop you from having fun. Sometimes you might need to do a bit more planning before you rush into things or allow others to make the running for you.

Score 71-100

Wow – you middle names are ‘Personal Organizer’. Bet you don’t even brush you teeth if it isn’t on your list of things to do! But, seriously, you are able to cope calmly with all the things life throws at you without getting stressed. Maybe you could occasionally afford to chill out, relay and just let things happen….

Key Points

- Try to understand more about your own personality and style – see what your friends think. ( You can help them do the same for themselves.)
- Start thinking about how you approach tasks and the kind of work that fives you most satisfaction.
- People with similar personality traits often share career preferences. Understand yourself better may help you discover the kind of jobs that will interest and stimulate you.
- Ask yourself if you are sufficiently organized- and of not, try to do something about it. It’s a lot harder when you have an employer looking over your shoulder.

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