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It takes all sorts to make a workplace:

Of course, no personality test, however extensive, is an end in itself. It’s only a way of looking at yourself.

We all have dominant styles of behaviour, but nobody is entirely consistent. We should certainly not be slave to our ‘natural’ personality traits if they sometimes get in our way or stop us from doing things.

For example, people who are good in maths are good at solving problems and usually extremely logical. If that isn’t you, you might think a job involving problem-solving should be avoided at all costs. Yet you can use what you have learnt to work on and conquer you weaknesses. Just because maths isn’t your best subject, it doesn’t mean you can’t asses a situation at work and come up with a practical solution.

So, don’t say: ‘I can’t solve that problem or go for that kind of job because I’m not logical.’ Instead say: ‘I may be a natural “feeler”, but I can still look calmly at the facts and come to a logical decision.’

Learning about you personality type should also help you see why some things come easily to you, while others take a great deal more effort. When you get a job, it’s likely you will encounter a mixed bag of personality types in any one office or workplace. It’s then you will see that while this diversity is usually a good thing. It can also be the cause of rows and communication breakdown. Sometimes it’s easier to deal with people once you legalize the way they respond to you is influenced by how they look at the world. Change the way you approach them, and things might run a lot more smoothly.

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